Welcome to The Bloom Yard’s Notebook

This is a space where we share with you some behind-the-scenes as well as the stories that inspired our designs. To help our customers express their thoughts and messages through our designs is something we find meaningful and fulfilling. Every bouquet has a unique story and this is the reason why we love our bespoke services.


Walk Down The Garden Asle

We had the privilege of styling the wedding flowers for H & L.  It was really satisfying to see everything coming together beautifully: the bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, pew deco, reception flowers, stairway deco and wedding car deco.  The wedding hall looked stunning! – Aug 2017

Red Roses and Chocolate Cake

We had the pleasure of helping a husband sprang a surprise on his wife for their anniversary.  12 red roses and her favourite chocolate cake was the order.  Sure, though we are not a bakery :), we are more than happy to fulfill this special request, just for this happy occasion. Happy anniversary  – July 2017

Ranunculus Solemnization

If you think that only women know about flowers…. well you are wrong! We style this Ranunculus hand tied bouquet for a special ROM solemnization. The groom was very specific with the kind of flowers for the bouquet.  It has to be Ranunculus, with Peonies and David Austin roses are substitutes. Even though it was tail end season for Ranunculus, we did our best to get hold of the best blooms for him, giving him updates on the shipment of flowers arriving here. We understand this was an important day for him and the bouquet just has to be perfect.   – May 2017

A Fresh Start

Nothing makes your day better than seeing a bouquet of fresh flowers on your desk when you return to work in the office after a period of absence. It surely makes you feel like you could conquer the business world. – April 2017

Bridal Shower

This was customized for an event planner for a bridal shower.  Pastel colours was the theme and we were glad to be part of this happy event. – March 2017

Valentine’s Day Surprise

Mel wanted to spring an early Valentine’s Day surprise for his sweetheart, an aircrew, as she would be working on V-day. With the help of 3 of his buddies (partners in crime.. haha) he arranged a DIY dining experience. Mel specifically asked for a small bunch of baby’s breath that would fit into a bottle as part of the table setting decoration. Sure, we did just that for him.  No request is too small for us.  We count it our pleasure to be part of this thoughtful gesture from Mel. – February 2017

Celebration of a treasured friendship

This table flower arrangement was specially designed for Chris who was celebrating her 50th birthday.  Her dear sis-in-law, Mag, ordered this to be delivered to her home and was she surprised! Chris is so blessed to have such a thoughtful sis-in-law. We understand that Mag treasures the friendship and has been blessed by Chris many times from her generosity and thoughtfulness.  If you think such kindness is common between sisters-in-laws…. well, you see, Chris is Mag’s younger sister’s husband’s elder sister!!!  Not that common huh! – February 2017

99 Roses

For a moment we couldn’t believe our eyes when we receives a Valentine’s Day order for a 99-rose bouquet.  It’s not everyday that we get an opportunity to put our skills to the test like this.  Big, heavy and delicate. We needed 2 persons to put this bouquet together.  Knowing that this will be such an awesome surprise to the recipient, we really put our best foot (fingers really) forward and have it beautifully done and delivered to her workplace.  I am sure she was the envy of many. – February 2017

Sweet Daughter-in-law

Michele who is residing in the USA ordered this terrarium as a birthday gift for her mum-in-law who lives in Singapore. Knowing that her mum-in-law loves plants, we express her love and thoughtfulness through this green indoor garden.

– December 2016

Outdoor Photo Shoot

Last December we had our first professional outdoor shoot for our wedding series.  Thanks to our photographer and model, the shoot went well.  They were patient in waiting of the shoot setup and for the weather to be in near perfect condition for the shoot.  We chose the Bedok Reservoir for the venue for its greenery.  The weather was kind to us although a little windy for still shots, but we managed to end the session before the sun set. It was fun ! – December 2016